Why Would You Need a Video Cutter and Joiner?

Why Would You Need a Video Cutter and Joiner?

What is film editing? Before answering this question, it is necessary to define which types of editing exist. They are linear, nonlinear, and mixed. The first one is carried out by an operator in the process of filming. For instance, during a live and online broadcast, lots of cameras are taking the picture of one object, while a cameraman makes a choice amidst them and switches between cameras.

Nonlinear editing takes place after all the material is shot. While the mixed type includes benefits of the previous two. However, this method is quite costly. Talking about the nonlinear editing of a movie, the main task of this process is to remove unnecessary parts of a video, to join certain parts of the material, to create change-overs between them, to add effects along with subtitles or explanatory captions.

In simple words, editing a movie means to cut video material into logically divided pieces, remove spoilt and unnecessary scenes, and to join them together in a particular sequence. To carry out nonlinear editing, the first and foremost is to film the video material. Afterward, by means of an appropriate video cutter and joiner, it is cut into fragments depending on the plot. Then the sound and diverse effects are integrated. And finally, all are joined in one single film.

It means that even a beginner may give a shot and film a movie. Though, neither a professional operator, not an amateur may manage without the special software, i.e., video cutter and joiner.

Check the Best Cutting and Joining Programs

  1. MP4Tools comprises of a Joiner and a Splitter. Both of them have a minimum number of settings. It means that it is simple to comprehend even by a beginner.
  2. Avidemux is mostly acknowledged among experts in the field. It is a full-featured editor for movies. Besides the main two functions, the software provides the feasibility to recode files, apply plentiful filters together with the support of automation.
  3. Machete Video Editor provides the opportunity of the trial version with no charge which will be appreciated by amateurs. This version has a limited number of formats and no possibility to amend the sound.
  4. Format Factory which offers the possibility to convert format and contains diverse useful instruments along with the features of a cutter and joiner.

If you are not working on a project or content for a blog, for example, it is also possible to use online tools for cutting and joining movies. In any case, to find the software meeting your requirements in terms of editing films, it will be necessary to try at least some programs of the above list.