Find Out How to Compress the Video Size

Find Out How to Compress the Video Size

What is the video content intended for? Presently, movies are not only the domain of cinematography and professional filmmakers. Media content is highly appreciated by viewers and users. Besides, the search engine algorithms give preferences to the content in the format of video. It means that more and more people are thinking of making films for their projects.

Which difficulties may a user face when there is a wish or necessity to make good media content?

  • Possession of a camera. However, presently, even a top smartphone can manage with this task. If you need a film for a blog, then it is quite essential to use the camera of a cell phone. For a promo, for instance, it would be better to use more professional equipment.
  • Editing a film. After the material is shot, it is necessary to cut it into certain segments, joining them together in a logical sequence, applying filters and effects. To make all these actions, it is necessary to choose software for editing a movie.
  • Uploading the final result to the website, blog, Youtube or any other resource. However, for this purpose, it is necessary to know how to compress video size.

After a film is ready, it is very important to take care of the feasibility for all the users to watch it. The size of a video is crucially important for the consumers with the low speed of Internet connection. Otherwise, he or she will simply close the page without watching the content in which so many efforts have been put. To compress a video, it is feasible to use one of the programs for editing a movie if it has such a feature.

Software to Compress the Movie Size:

  • Movavi Video Suite;
  • Movavi Video Converter;
  • AVS Video Editor;
  • Freemake Video;
  • Format Factory;
  • XMedia Recode.

All of them can be used as editing software and converter. Besides, there are instruments which increase the quality of the file after compression. This is one more important aspect to be taken care of. Thus, it is very handy to choose one program which has a number of useful functions.

For a regular user who is not involved in making media content, it is also useful to know how to compress video size. For instance, to watch a favorite movie on a cell phone or tablet with a limited amount of available space, it is necessary to reduce the size of a film. Besides, sometimes mobile devices have only certain compatible formats. Thus, in addition to compression, it will be required to convert a video.

Online, it is feasible to find instruments for size compression which do not require downloading software. So, if there is no need to edit a movie, one can use these online resources. Each user will feel the advantages and benefits of a video with a compressed size

Find out How to Convert Videos Keeping the Quality

Find out How to Convert Videos Keeping the Quality

Nowadays, for the people who are involved in any kind of project, movies and other video content make the essential part of the information they are working with. Especially this refers to the movies which have been filmed with professional cameras in high quality. Gigabytes and sometimes Terabytes of information can be saved if the films are converted so that the size of files is decreased.

Besides, decreasing the size of a video file is required whenever there is the necessity to share this content in any way: send by mail, copy to the portable memory stick, upload to a blog, website or Youtube, etc.

You will also need to convert a film if you want to watch it on a smartphone, tablet, game console, Apple device, etc. These devices may require certain formats compatible with the installed players and software.

Those who know how to convert videos are aware of the fact that sometimes this process may be time-consuming and the final result will not please a user with its quality.

It is important to know that converting movies has nothing to do with the compressing instruments like 7-zip. For this purpose, special software, a so-called encoder, is required.

Characteristics of a Good Converter

  • It shall be easily comprehensible by a user, without the need to pass an additional training course to be able to use the program;
  • It has plentiful ready settings which are applicable for most cases whenever converting is required (format for iPhone or Ipad, for instance);
  • It converts at a quick speed and without malfunctions.

Which Converters can be Used?

  1. Movavi Video Converter supports H.265 compression code which reduces the size almost by two without degrading the quality. There is a free version for amateurs like young parents who are trying to film as many valuable moments of their child growth as possible.
  2. Freemake Video Converter is the software available with no fee, very simple to use, provides the possibility to set a resolution and choose a bitrate.
  3. Format Factory cannot be used as a full-featured editor in comparison to the previous two programs. However, it possesses the function of increasing the quality of a movie after conversion.

In addition to the set features of a good converting program, all of the above software has the feasibility to upload films to the social networks. Thus, they are perfectly suited to be used by non-expert users and beginners.

To keep the quality of the film received after conversion, it is necessary to properly opt the software which will be applied for the purpose. Before downloading, carefully read description and users’ feedback on the Internet to avoid a long-way search of a program.