Find Out How to Compress the Video Size

Find Out How to Compress the Video Size

What is the video content intended for? Presently, movies are not only the domain of cinematography and professional filmmakers. Media content is highly appreciated by viewers and users. Besides, the search engine algorithms give preferences to the content in the format of video. It means that more and more people are thinking of making films for their projects.

Which difficulties may a user face when there is a wish or necessity to make good media content?

    • Possession of a camera. However, presently, even a top smartphone can manage with this task. If you need a film for a blog, then it is quite essential to use the camera of a cell phone. For a promo, for instance, it would be better to use more professional equipment.
      • Editing a film. After the material is shot, it is necessary to cut it into certain segments, joining them together in a logical sequence, applying filters and effects. To make all these actions, it is necessary to choose software for editing a movie.
      • Uploading the final result to the website, blog, Youtube or any other resource. However, for this purpose, it is necessary to know how to compress video size.

      After a film is ready, it is very important to take care of the feasibility for all the users to watch it. The size of a video is crucially important for the consumers with the low speed of Internet connection. Otherwise, he or she will simply close the page without watching the content in which so many efforts have been put. To compress a video, it is feasible to use one of the programs for editing a movie if it has such a feature.

      Software to Compress the Movie Size:

      • Movavi Video Suite;
      • Movavi Video Converter;
      • AVS Video Editor;
      • Freemake Video;
      • Format Factory;
      • XMedia Recode.

      All of them can be used as editing software and converter. Besides, there are instruments which increase the quality of the file after compression. This is one more important aspect to be taken care of. Thus, it is very handy to choose one program which has a number of useful functions.

      For a regular user who is not involved in making media content, it is also useful to know how to compress video size. For instance, to watch a favorite movie on a cell phone or tablet with a limited amount of available space, it is necessary to reduce the size of a film. Besides, sometimes mobile devices have only certain compatible formats. Thus, in addition to compression, it will be required to convert a video.

      Online, it is feasible to find instruments for size compression which do not require downloading software. So, if there is no need to edit a movie, one can use these online video resources. Each user will feel the advantages and benefits of a video with a compressed size

Discover Top 7 of the Best Software for Video Editing

Discover Top 7 of the Best Software for Video Editing

No one is surprised that editing movie is nowadays needed by qualified filmmakers and operators. In the modern world of Internet marketing, the video is considered a valuable type of content. Thus, bloggers, along with private businessmen, are shooting video or even mini-movies for their profiles, websites, presentations, and other advertising activities.

After the material is filmed, a significant part of the job is still ahead. It is necessary to edit the movie which was shot.

Browsing the Internet looking for the best software for video editing, a user shall know in advance what the final movie shall look like. Depending on the above, it is important to determine the characteristics of the program. Like the utilization of image effects, the changeover in the seam of scenes, the addition of images or audio, etc.

The Nominations of Software for Editing Movies

    1. DaVinci Resolve provides the feasibility to handle a video file making a number of amendments: altering color, cutting and composing a file, and processing a movie. It proposes a wide spectrum of instruments for editing sound files. A user will comprehend how to employ the services even if lacking experience in editing.
    1. Windows Live Movie Maker is a user-friendly program designed by Microsoft Corporation provided free of charge. It is uncomplicated in handling and provides a number of opportunities for movie editing, uploading pictures and sounds. Besides, a user may effortlessly import pics and movie content into the program, apply plentiful graphical and sound effects. It operates with a dozen acknowledged formats.
    2. Avidemux, the free software for editing and converting video, uses diverse codecs. Thus, it works with plentiful formats. Avidemux contains a lot of tools for application of filters and visual effects. Additionally, it comprises built-in instruments enabling to work with subtitles.
    3. XMedia Recode is a video converting program suitable for editing too. A user will find everything he or she may need for movie editing in addition to the feasibility of format conversion.
    4. Shotcut – the software for creating video and movies, primary editing and montage. It works with and edits the content from various equipment as well as obtained from the Internet. A specific feature is an unlimited history of changes which makes it possible for a user to cancel 10 or even 50 steps of changes.
    5. Lightworks is a program for movies editing and mastering provided free of charge. In addition to the applicable visual effects, it is feasible to develop own graphical effects which can be applied.
    6. Hitfilm Express software, it was designed for cutting, rearrangement, and the montage of the shot material files compression and formatting as well as the creation of visual and graphical effects. It provides the possibility of simultaneous operation with an unlimited number of sound and video tracks.

    Along with the programs for PCs, there is a wide spectrum of applications for smartphones and tablets. For an Android device, one can try VivaVideo Free Video Editor, KineMaster or InShot. iMovie, Adobe Premiere Clip or Magisto are the applications for IOS.

    For every user, a specific range of tools is required for movies editing. Thus, before downloading software, it is better to define the necessary functions, to make a proper choice for convenient usage

Find out How to Convert Videos Keeping the Quality

Find out How to Convert Videos Keeping the Quality

Nowadays, for the people who are involved in any kind of project, movies and other video content make the essential part of the information they are working with. Especially this refers to the movies which have been filmed with professional cameras in high quality. Gigabytes and sometimes Terabytes of information can be saved if the films are converted so that the size of files is decreased.

Besides, decreasing the size of a video file is required whenever there is the necessity to share this content in any way: send by mail, copy to the portable memory stick, upload to a blog, website or Youtube, etc.

You will also need to convert a film if you want to watch it on a smartphone, tablet, game console, Apple device, etc. These devices may require certain formats compatible with the installed players and software.

Those who know how to convert videos are aware of the fact that sometimes this process may be time-consuming and the final result will not please a user with its quality.

It is important to know that converting movies has nothing to do with the compressing instruments like 7-zip. For this purpose, special software, a so-called encoder, is required.

Characteristics of a Good Converter

  • It shall be easily comprehensible by a user, without the need to pass an additional training course to be able to use the program;
  • It has plentiful ready settings which are applicable for most cases whenever converting is required (format for iPhone or Ipad, for instance);
  • It converts at a quick speed and without malfunctions.

Which Converters can be Used?

  1. Movavi Video Converter supports H.265 compression code which reduces the size almost by two without degrading the quality. There is a free version for amateurs like young parents who are trying to film as many valuable moments of their child growth as possible.
  2. Freemake Video Converter is the software available with no fee, very simple to use, provides the possibility to set a resolution and choose a bitrate.
  3. Format Factory cannot be used as a full-featured editor in comparison to the previous two programs. However, it possesses the function of increasing the quality of a movie after conversion.

In addition to the set features of a good converting program, all of the above software has the feasibility to upload films to the social networks. Thus, they are perfectly suited to be used by non-expert users and beginners.

To keep the quality of the film received after conversion, it is necessary to properly opt the software which will be applied for the purpose. Before downloading, carefully read description and users’ feedback on the Internet to avoid a long-way search of a program.

Which Professional Video Editing Software for Windows to Use?

Which Professional Video Editing Software for Windows to Use?

Editing is fitting together the previously cut video material in one single movie together with applying diverse effects.

If you want to obtain a good movie editing, it is necessary to achieve that this editing is not seen in the result of making all the modifications, cuts, rearrangements, and compositions. The joints of frames and scenes shall not be noticed by a viewer. Quite often, with such an approach, even a badly shot material can become a fascinating movie due to editing.

Besides, editing is widely used in television when the reporters are trying to send a certain message to viewers. Due to composing scenes and frames in a particular way, a certain point of view is rendered and conclusions are made.

Why Would a Regular User Need Film Editing?

  • To create unique films for own entertainment and as gifts to friends and relatives;
  • To develop a peculiar content for website or own project;
  • To upload fascinating movies and films to a blog or Youtube channel;
  • To become a professional operator.

Nowadays, professional video editing software compatible with the Windows operating system is offered in a wide range. Depending on the specifics of use, you may use the functionality which is provided free of charge. Although, for an expert user, one will have to purchase a subscription.

Each professional program has plentiful instruments for editing films and application of effects, filters, etc. Some of them are easily comprehensible even to a regular user and amateurs in filmmaking. However, some may even require a specific training course in order to obtain knowledge to use the software.

The Most Widely Used Software for Windows Platform

  1. Lightworks is a professional program which provides a non-paid version with a limited number of instruments. It can be mastered by a regular user due to available teaching and training films on the official website.
  2. Shotcut requires no payment. Besides, it can be installed even at regular PCs not intended for professional application. The interface can be called complicated. Though, after a user sets everything according to personal need, it will become a perfect assistant in films editing.
  3. Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 provides more than 1500 effects and filters. It has a 30-days trial version. Thus, beginners may try to use it before making a decision of purchase.
  4. CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra can boast with numerous effects and a month of an unpaid trial. The software is well-liked by experts as well as by amateurs.
  5. VEGAS Movie Studio is compatible with the most of widespread formats. It comprises powerful instruments for handling audio and application of plentiful effects.
  6. Adobe Premiere Elements is standing out due to built-in step-by-step instructions for a user. Thus, even a beginner may master movies editing using this software. Due to a free trial month, one can use the three modes of editing provided by the program.

Films editing is essential in creating interactive video content. Due to the feasibility of unpaid trial or free of charge versions, you will not waste finances on the software you find incomprehensive or simply not useful. Download professional software and make your own way in filmmaking.

Why Would You Need a Video Cutter and Joiner?

Why Would You Need a Video Cutter and Joiner?

What is film editing? Before answering this question, it is necessary to define which types of editing exist. They are linear, nonlinear, and mixed. The first one is carried out by an operator in the process of filming. For instance, during a live and online broadcast, lots of cameras are taking the picture of one object, while a cameraman makes a choice amidst them and switches between cameras.

Nonlinear editing takes place after all the material is shot. While the mixed type includes benefits of the previous two. However, this method is quite costly. Talking about the nonlinear editing of a movie, the main task of this process is to remove unnecessary parts of a video, to join certain parts of the material, to create change-overs between them, to add effects along with subtitles or explanatory captions.

In simple words, editing a movie means to cut video material into logically divided pieces, remove spoilt and unnecessary scenes, and to join them together in a particular sequence. To carry out nonlinear editing, the first and foremost is to film the video material. Afterward, by means of an appropriate video cutter and joiner, it is cut into fragments depending on the plot. Then the sound and diverse effects are integrated. And finally, all are joined in one single film.

It means that even a beginner may give a shot and film a movie. Though, neither a professional operator, not an amateur may manage without the special software, i.e., video cutter and joiner.

Check the Best Cutting and Joining Programs

  1. MP4Tools comprises of a Joiner and a Splitter. Both of them have a minimum number of settings. It means that it is simple to comprehend even by a beginner.
  2. Avidemux is mostly acknowledged among experts in the field. It is a full-featured editor for movies. Besides the main two functions, the software provides the feasibility to recode files, apply plentiful filters together with the support of automation.
  3. Machete Video Editor provides the opportunity of the trial version with no charge which will be appreciated by amateurs. This version has a limited number of formats and no possibility to amend the sound.
  4. Format Factory which offers the possibility to convert format and contains diverse useful instruments along with the features of a cutter and joiner.

If you are not working on a project or content for a blog, for example, it is also possible to use online tools for cutting and joining movies. In any case, to find the software meeting your requirements in terms of editing films, it will be necessary to try at least some programs of the above list.